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3G Watches #1 SmartWatch Phone Retailer. T-Mobile or AT&T 3G network compatible unlocked Cell Phone Watch is now here in the U.S. As the Premiere Authentic Watch Phone Retailer in the USA, we offer the most stylish touch screen, internet, mp3, digital camera, mp4 video player, bluetooth Cell Phone Watches on the market.

The Cell Phone Watch is one of the most technologically advanced mobile devices on the planet. The benefits for having a cell phone watch are endless. You can Bluetooth a cell phone watch to another cell phone or computer to transfer files, video, music, and photo's. With a cell phone watch you can move around with ease without worrying about missing a call. A cell phone watch gives you freedom. Best of all, you can use your current service provider. Just insert your SIM card into the cell phone watch and your ready to go. It's that simple. All of our cell phone watches are unlocked and can be used Internationally. The 2 most popular cellular provider's in the U.S. that our watch phones are compatible with are T-Mobile and AT&T.

* Luxury Watch Phone Retailer, 3G Watches, sales the most innovative high tech GSM Smartwatches for use in the USA and internationally while giving you the latest news, reviews, and information on cell phone watches. * Revolutionary mobile SmartWatch technology is now here and available at 3G Watches. * Stylish, elegant, and sporty Authentic Internet cell phone watches for every lifestyle. * Futuristic watch phone devices operating on T-Mobile and AT&T's GSM networks are now just a click away. Check out our great Specials. * Based in the U.S.A, 3G Watches is the Most Trusted Cell Phone Watch Retailer. * 3G Watches has built a reputation of being the most reliable watch phone authority in the world. * Our goal is to satisfy every customer 100% with great customer care and service. Check out our new wrist watch phones. * 3G Watches, Wrist Watch Cell Phones Retailer .

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3G Watches smartwatch phones are compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States. Just insert your SIM card into the watch phone and your ready to go!




Thor Smartwatch Phone
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