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The World's Leading Cell Phone Wristwatch Retailer, 3G Watches, is proud to bring you the top tested watch phones in the world. Welcome to the 3G Watches purchase page. We are devoted to bringing you the most innovative SmartWatch devices. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the 3G Watches cell phone watch get ready to be blown away. We bring to you a fully functional cell phone built into a wristwatch. Just insert the SIM card out of your current cell phone, like T-Mobile or AT&T, and the wristwatch is now your cell phone. Start texting and making phone calls immediately. 3G Watches smartwatch phones all have built-in speakerphones and come with a Bluetooth earpiece and stereo head phones that can be used for conversation or media audio. By media we mean, the Mp3 player or video player that's loaded on to every 3G Watches watch phone. Our cell phone watches come with a 2G flash card that can hold your movies and music so they're ready to play back on your wrist. How cool is that? Watching the latest movies on your new cell phone watch. 3G Watches watch phones are all touch screen and some come with a stylus as well. You can leave you camera at home because these cell phone watches have a digital camera and video recorder built-in. That's right secret cameras built-in.

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