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Watch Phones With Internet Capabilities And Other Useful Functions Head Into 2011 As The Most Underrated Gadget Of The Year. The Cell Phone Wrist Watch Maybe Be One Of The Most Significant Advancements In Mobile Technology. So What Gives?

Watch Phones With Internet Get Overlooked
I just can't figure it out. For over 3 years I have been in the cell phone watch business and it never ceases to amaze me how people from large metropolitan areas have never heard of a phone watch. I've received comments saying that the product doesn't even exist. Well, it does exist. It not only exist it is a revolutionary device that will soon change how everyone sees mobile technology. How convenient is it to have all of your multimedia devices combined into a wrist watch. The phone watch is equipped with almost everything you could want. A mp3 player, video player, internet, Bluetooth, camera, organizer, to do list, and video recorder to name a few. Our cell phone watches are also unlocked and can be used with any GSM carrier in the world. Not bad for a wrist watch. I was at Roger's Jeweler's the other day and saw some Seiko watches for over $400 dollar's. They only tell time. I'd much rathe have a cool watch phone that can do everything and also cost half the price.

So what give? Why are ccell phone watches being pushed to the side? To be honest I don't know. The first question everyone ask is who makes it. If it doesn't have a huge brand behind it people overlook it as not being of quality. Our watch phones are extremely well made and use only industry regulated components. So why are people still so skeptical? I guess that's the question I still can't answer.

Although the watch phone is still overlooked, it will soon have it's day. Every year technological advancements are being made to make sure that the features and quality of our watch phones continues to grow. As one of the first pioneer's in the cell phone watch industry, I can say that you have no idea just how far this technology can go. This will be the break out year for the watch phone.