The Watch Phone Specialist!

What is a Watch Phone and How does it work?

What is a Watch Phone?

* A Cell Phone designed and styled like a watch.

* Also called a ccell phone watch, cell phone wrist watch, mobile phone watch.

* Makes and receives voice calls.

* Works with T-Mobile and AT&T SIM card in USA. (Operates on GSM network worldwide. Just insert SIM.)

* 3G Watches is the leading Global Cell Phone Watch Retailer.

3G Watches, Cell Phone Watches:

* Are Authentic.

* Are Industry leading.

* Have overall best Quality.

3G WATCHES has been retailing and wholesaling cell phone watches in the U.S. for almost 3yrs. In fact, we are one of the pioneers of the watch phone. For years we have maintained the top spot for Watch Phone Retailer globally. The watch phone is a very unique device for many reason's. Watch phones sit alone outside the pie of mobile devces. They have yet to catch on and gain the momentun that will eventually caterpult them into the ranks of the smart phone.

So Why Haven't Watch Phones Caught On?

Watch phones are indeed very useful and multi-functioning multimedia devices. They just happen to come along in the era of the Iphone, Apps, and Mobile Internet Device. Everyone is looking to go bigger because they think bigger is better. Bigger has its benefits, but it also has it's drawbacks. First of all there bulky. They've gotten thinner, however, they've also gotten wider. This can be extremely difficult to get out of your pocket while sitting or driving. Most smart phones are touchscreen and when fiddling them around to find out who's calling, you accidentally answer the call. It really sucks if you don't have unlimited calling and realize your phone has been on in your pocket.

A watch phone alleviates this problem. Although they are touchscreen, the screen is always in view. The caller ID is sitting directly on your wrist. Just think of the times you've dropped your cell phone just from trying to answer it. How about accidentally accepting a call you didn't want to accept? How about realizing that your phone has been on while you were having a face to face private conversation. It's kind of hard to drop a ccell phone watch that's fastened to your wrist. It's also safe in a vehicle since the speakerphone can be easily activated and it comes with a Bluetooth earpiece.

A cell phone watch is perfect for an extra line. You can use a pre-paid SIM or add an extra line to your current plan. Also, since the watch phone is unlocked you can insert the SIM card out of your smartphone if you don't feel like carrying it around. How convenient is that?

* Are individually tested before shipping.

* Factories have strict Quality Controls in place for best quality.

Watch Phone Features

* Fully functional unlocked cell phone

* Built-in MP3 Player

* Video Player. Watch videos on your wrist.

* Digital camera. Take photos with your wristwatch

* Video camera. Record videos of you and your friends.